CM - Nelvita Script 1257027
Nelvita Script is a beautiful handmade script font, modern calligraphy & fresh typeface. Nelvita Script suitable for logo, branding, greeting card, signature, poster and any design that you create.

CM - Cornelia Script Font 1257196
Cornelia Script is a beautiful modern font that comes with 372 glyphs. It features smooth lines and characters that weld together nicely. The font has a modern calligraphy style and features beautiful swashes. It is easy to read and fun to work with. There is no doubt that you will get professional results with this font and you will be able to amaze your customers.
Cornelia Script has given PUA unicode (specially coded fonts), with tons of alternate characters. The pack can be accessed in full by any crafter or designer, without the requirement for extra design software, COMPATIBLE WITH SILHOUETTE & CRICUT DESIGN SPACE

CM - Dattsy Signature Brush Font 1202502

CM - Dattsy Signature Brush Font 1202502

Give your designs an authentic handcrafted feel. "Dattsy" is perfectly suited to signature, stationery, logo, typography quotes, magazine or book cover, website header, clothing, branding, packaging design and more. Included Stylistic Alternates.

OTF | TTF | RAR 648 KB

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Le Havre Width Font Family $95
Le Havre Width Font Family $95 | 6 x TTF
"Le Havre Width is the loveable putty of fonts. Stretch it. Squish it. Squeeze it. Whichever way you play with it, you’re bound to find hours of fun ahead.This avant-garde typeface family has six distinct weights--each one including a set of four different widths. It’s randomized rhythm also includes selectable glyphs for customization, enabling you to bounce plenty of ideas around for diverse logotypes as well as for specific looks focused on a single width.Looking for even more fun with this geometric sans? Try adding in some of the alternate ligatures, or use the two different art deco styles included with the font. The all-around whimsical nature of Le Havre Width is perfect for toys, posters, T-shirts, cards, and anywhere else where fun is the name of the game."

CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681
CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681
CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681
CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681
CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681
CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681
CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681

CreativeMarket Jessica Script 1204681
Jessica Script is handmade Casual brush Script . Very Suitable for logos, name tag, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media & greeting cards. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support.
Whats Include :
Jessica Script OTF
Jessica Swash OTF    
Features :
Stylistic Alternate Lowercase and Uppercase
Standar Ligature
Bonus Extras in Swash OTF file
Multilingual Support


Cordelia Font Family $40
Cordelia Font Family $40 | 3 x TTF
Impacting and vibrant, Cordelia family draws inspiration from covers of 'cordel literature’, small booklets of popular story-poems that played an essential role on the folk-popular cultural life of Brazil.  Printed in coarse paper, usually with an woodcut illustration and lettering in the front, these booklets were sold on the streets, in marketplaces and town squares, hung in a cord - therefore the name ‘cordel’. The work of these humble printers and poet-singers of northeastern Brazil strongly served as source for acclaimed romances and movies and still inspires writers of all genres, movie makers, painters,? musicians. And type designers too 

CM - Strangerland Display Fonts 1057064
2 OTF 2 TTF 2 Ai PSD | 10.2 MB RAR
STRANGERLAND by OPUSNIGRUM This font was inspired by old vintage denim labels & the retro movie titles. All based in the American heritage, and made entirely by hand (include the shadows too!)

CM - Hand Written Font Daisy Dog 1231812

CM - Hand Written Font Daisy Dog 1231812

Daisy dog is an all caps font that is hand lettered with serifs to give you a fun accent or title type style. I love how it's bold, yet whimsical.

OTF | JPG Image | RAR 448 KB

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CM - Marqhuis brush font 1203921

CM - Marqhuis brush font 1203921

Marqhuis is handmade brush style from Qiwbrother studio. Marqhuis comes with alternates character, so you can combain it with marqhuis regular character. Marqhuis good for your logos design, poster, branding, apparel, print ad, etc

OTF | TTF | RAR 570 KB

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CM - Wasteros Typeface 1259071

Wasteros Typeface is a modern hand-brush script font based, made with a brush that is then refined with pen. This font consists of letters that flows irregularly, either between top-down and with the letter afterwards, which makes it suitable for Logotype, posters, businness card, merchandise, wedding invitations, greeting cards, blog banners, apparel, design of water-based paints/prints, correspondence, quotes and a variety of other!
Wasteros Typeface includes several Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Sets ( These alternates are accessible by turning on 'Stylistic Alternates' in Photoshop, or via any software with a glyph panel, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC ), and has given PUA encoded (specially coded fonts).

CM - Sellya Script 1247348

4 TTF 3 WOFF | 48 KB RAR
Sellya Script a new fresh & modern script with a handmade calligraphy style, decorative characters and a dancing baseline! So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!!
Sellya Script come with 337+ glyphs. The alternative characters were divided into several Open Type features such as Swash, Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates. The Open Type features can be accessed by using Open Type savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw X version, And Microsoft Word. And this Font has given PUA unicode (specially coded fonts). so that all the alternate characters can easily be accessed in full by a craftsman or designer.

CM - Prospective Font 1257946

4 TTF 3 WOFF | 146 KB RAR
Prospective Font by TriLion Digital Goods: A tech measurement FUTURISTIC FONT “likely to happen at a future date; concerned with or applying to the future.”
A hand made grid snapped math perfected font with a slightly extended feel.
This font set includes: Base Font, Matching Drop-Shadow Font, Outline Font, and Alternate Code Font. All sets with both Capital and Lowercase glyphs! As always the price might go up after we add more characters and sets but you will get each and every update free from us after you purchase. Grab it while it's $10 for a limited time!

CM - Hideline Font 1258999

2 OTF 2 WOFF | 1.3 MB RAR
Suitable for any design needs : branding, logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, blog design, modern advertising design, invitation, Art Quote, Home decor, Book/Cover Title, Invitation, special events, birthday, custom mug, pillow, t-shirts, any brush lettering needs and more.

CM - Diamond 1258573

2 OTF 2 WOFF | 181 KB RAR
Diamond are handmade with amazing character. Ideal for a logo, a name tag, handwritten quotations, product packaging, goods, social media and greeting cards. It contains a complete set of lower and upper case letters, assorted punctuation, numbers, swash and multilingual support.
The font also contains some contextual alternative to lower-case characters, can be accessed in Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under Stylistic Alternates in Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu. But if you do not have a specific OpenType software, you can still use the diamond as the standard small and large letters. as Diamond is available with 2 font files that can be used without software support OpenType.

CM - Justich Brush Font 965007

Justich Brush Font is a new cute & uniquely hand made brush font for typography, lettering, logotype and more with Opentype Features included and uniquely characters + swashes vector it's make perfect to create Elegant Design, Modern, and more.

CM - Emma Script 1259920

This simple hand written font with a signature style that makes it look more naturalist perfect for personalizing thank you cards, letters, and email signatures with something that looks real!

CM - Arrival - Typeface 1259061

Arrival a colour font designed to look like an arrivals and departure board. Each letter has been created in 3D and converted into an OTF font. The font includes a blank tile as the fullstop which can be used as an alternative space.

CM - Font of curly letters. 1259206

Ai  OTF | 6.2 MB RAR
Font of curly letters. Letters and numbers are drawn by hand. Only uppercase. The archive contains 4 files EPS10, 4 JPEG files high resolution and original font.

CM - Skin tones - Adobe illustrator 1259588

Ai EPS | 53 MB RAR
Hello everyone! Extended license included!
It’s not only skin tones swatches, It’s more!
I prepared gradient meshes presets, palettes, swatch files, create editable and ready to use face designs for each skin type.
Eps files compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC, swatches and meshes can be used in CS4+ .
So, what’s in? In zip You will find:
  • 12 .eps CC files for each layered and editable face design
  • 1 swatch file with all skin tones. You can use it for recolor Your own works and for create something new!
  • 1 .eps10 file with mesh grids. Use tham for distort and highlight areas You want.
  • 12 png files with transparent background 4167*4167px 300dpi
  • 1 .Ai CC file for all layered and editable face designs in one file

CM - Brusharmy - 128 Illustrator Brushes 1256641

Ai | 30 MB RAR
Vector Brush SET BRUSHarmy Pack of 125+ Brushes specially made for creativemarket users. You can use these for unlimited purpose, commercial and personal purpose.
Turn Your Line Artwork into Illustration The pack contains amazing bundle of brushes which can transform your simple artwork into artistic designs that you will love to show. All of the brushes are packed in adobe illustrator cc 15 version and also older adobe illustrator version 10 and above (cs, cs2, cs3, cs4 and cs5) so, it mean it support all of the version of adobe illustrator.
RGB or CMYK It work on both colors Mode: The best thing about these brushes that these can be used on both art-board color mode like RGB and CMYK. You can print or can use for web purpose.
100% No white points/ Area You might have seen that most of the time brushes left some white spaces! well, that is not the case of these brushes. You can make any kind of artwork on any background colors. You can check images for resemble.
STROKE Brushes all of these brushes can be used only in adobe illustrator. Just double click to open or use brush panel to add these brushes. You can reduce or increase the stroke levels and they all work will fine. I am sure you will love using these brushes.
Where you can use these? Anywhere, Everywhere but in adobe illustrator :D Commercial and personal purpose, Make illustration, line art, fonts or anything you like! these brushes are all in one solution for you. Just buy these and you will love the way these works.
Please contact me further if you need help or you have a special question regarding this pack. I will be happy to help and assist you.

CM - Custom Pattern Generator 1245357

Ai PDF | 29 MB RAR
Want a custom pattern for your brand, background, or other design application, but don't want to spend the time to do all the groundwork? The custom pattern generator is for you! The unique combination of pattern templates, pattern swatches, and color palettes makes it possible to create gorgeous, unique patterns in a fraction of the time.
How could you use the pattern generator? You can use it to create a beautiful custom pattern for your branding project. You could use it to create stunning backgrounds for typographic projects or hero images. The pattern swatches are also at your complete discretion to add a more subtle pattern to any project.
Your purchase includes:
  • An .ai file with the 24 pattern templates, 28 pattern swatches, and 26 color palettes inside. The pattern templates include square, diamond, hexagon, equilateral triangle, and 2 right triangle patterns, each with a large size, small size, large size with border, and small size with border. The pattern swatches include stripes, dots, chevron, crosshatching, and more.
  • 10 bonus files with examples of patterns created from the pattern generator
  • A .pdf instruction file to help you make the most of the pattern generator