Spartacos Armor for Poser
Spartacos Armor
143MB | HF, FS & Uploading Links
Poser 7&up or DS 2.2&up,Michael 4 base

Spartacos armor,Inspired from Roman Gladiators outfit and Greek Mythology creature, Medusa,which make it unique and impressive. for your Historical, Mythological and Fantasy Renders.

Spartacos Armor for Poser

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Package includes:

10 conforming characters(cr2), clothing Armor parts,
Helmet,Belt,rSleeve,lglove,Lionpants,lionskirt,L&R pericnimis,
R&L Sandal
8 Smart props(pp2) armor parts and weapons,
Medusa Collar, Medusa Shoulder, L&R sword eastern style, L&R sword Western style.
Medusa shield Parented to M4 hand,and non Parented shield.
16 main texture mats in pp2 & ds format,and 5 transparencies options.
2 extra mat options silver (pp2&ds),for the Gladiator sleeve and Gaiter(Pericnimis)
18 Dirt & Blood texture mats (pp2&ds)
1 ING pose Morph for M4 (pz2),tighter Sleeve belt.
5 hand poses (hd2),for the weapons


Important Notes:
-Always use 'Displacement Map' option,in Poser render settings ,for texture depth.
-Al mats presets are in pz2(pose library),and DS format for dazStudio 2.2 and up.
-Product tested and working in poser 7 and up and DazStudio 2.3 and D/S 3.
-If you use Spartacos Armor in Daz Studio,Before you render your scene,load
the DS mats,
even with character and prop default settings,for Bump depth renders.
-Daz studio mats,may be little different than poser mats.
-Please,Load M4 And Cr2 Character armor parts before you load the smart props
armor part and weapons,as the smart armor parts are parented to armors sleeve,and
the weapons to M4 hands.
You need to do the same thing, to load the pose mats(pz2) presets.
-Spartacos character morph,not included to all armor parts,as Bodybuilder morph,
match with Spartacos morph,for these armor parts.

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Spartacos Armor for Poser

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