GraphicRiver - 50 IES Light

Transparent PNG | High Resolution | CS | 2500x2000 | 35x20 | 15.27 MB

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CM - Paisley Florals 1331830

  • Gift wrapping papers
  • Invitation cards
  • Wallpapers
  • Textiles
  • Stationary products
  • Packaging
  • Accessories or
  • Personal projects
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CM - Templates Makeup business card 1368122


CM - Templates Makeup business card 1368122
JPG, PNG, EPS All Files


CM - Watercolor Sweet Bakery set 1330286

PNG | 169 MB RAR
This collection of 8 hand drawn watercolor bakery elements and 4 watercolor seamless patterns will be perfect for web menu, paper packaging, cafe menu, textile printing, cards, bakery logos and etc. All elements are 300dpi on transparent background.
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CM 1317824 - Dreamcatcher Tribal Clipart Set


CM 1317824 - Dreamcatcher Tribal Clipart Set

This listing is for a 46 piece digital DIY clipart collection which is easy to download and add to your creative projects for personal and commercial use. Perfect for blog posts, web elements, flyers, cards, invitations or any other creative project you have in mind.



• 46 high resolution 300dpi png. files each containing a single clip art element on a transparent background (great for layering!).

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CM - World of Succulents and cactus 1322117

PNG | 473 MB RAR
Watercolor collection with 34 separate elements (branches, cacti, succulent plants, cute mug, pots, wooden box, etc), bouquets, patterns, wreath and frames invitation!
This elements can be used as wedding invitations, patterns, blogs, greeting cards, photos, posters, quotes and also combine them to create own unique creations, bouquets, wreaths and more!
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CM - Charming Floral Collection 1312097

Enjoy unlimited creativity with this lovely floral collection in the perfect colors for spring. You'll enjoy the wide range of shapes and elements, along with the 6 floral arrangements and 2 wreaths ready made for quick application. Scroll through all the previews to view the versatility of this impressive collection.
The Charming Floral Collection includes:
  • 13 individual floral and graphic elements
  • 8 Floral arrangements, including 6 bouquets and 2 wreaths
  • All files are 300 dpi in .PNG format
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CM - Vegetables in watercolor hand made 1323106

Watercolor handmade Clip Art - Vegetables: carrot,beetroot,onion,garlic,broccoli,green pepper,artichoke
This collection includes:
7 watercolor vegetables
green pepper
PNG image .All files on transparent background so you can make your own designs
LARGE sizes : from 2200 px to 3200 px
All illustrations in high resolution - 300dpi.
Bright and vibrant colours, perfect for spring events, fresh banner, logos, invitations and much more.
Free support: I am always happy to help! Just send me a private message or email any time.
ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR HANDMADE. Each illustration was created by hand and later they were scanned using 300 DPI.
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CM - Realistic Studio Interiors 1321848

Set of realistic talk show interior, photo and tv news studio illustrations. Available in JPG, EPS, PNG and SVG formats.
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CM - Watercolor Frame Ribbons Set 1273613
CM - Watercolor Frame Ribbons Set 1273613

Retro Watercolor Floral Frame Set. Laurel Floral Frame Borders with Ribbons Vintage Wedding Invitation Template.


CM - Easter Eggs Collection 1294269
CM - Easter Eggs Collection 1294269

Here I would like to present you a big collection of Easter eggs. They are made in very trendy hand drawn style.


CM - Cat Attack Watercolor PNG Collection 1144994
CM - Cat Attack Watercolor PNG Collection 1144994

Cat attack: 8 hand painted watercolor cat illustrations. Great for creating cards, flayers, invitations, scrapbooking projects. Each cat has it's own caracter and face expression. They can be purrfect addition to your blog or web designs, posters, planners, inspiration quotes or any other printables.


CM - Watercolor Coffee Element 1140200
CM - Watercolor Coffee Element 1140200

It is an element of coffee, you can use this to creative needs of your business, the material pulled a small hand designed for cooking food, menu design, banners, cards, harvest festivals, farmer's markets opening cafes, restaurants and private use other sand and for teachers. Imagine how neat it would be seen on invitations, stickers, cards, digital scrap book, your website, and anything you can conjure elements of this coffee!


CM - Two Polar Bears - Handpainted Design 1145677

CM - Two Polar Bears - Handpainted Design 1145677

CM - Two Polar Bears - Handpainted Design 1145677
CM - Two Polar Bears - Handpainted Design 1145677

This set contains 100 files: All elements are saved at high resolution 300 dpi for best quality. All PNG files has a transparent background.


CM - Hand Drawn Globe Vector Kit 1288778

This hand illustrated vector pack comes with 16 customizable globes (6 globes with stand, 6 globes without stand, 3 Adventure Globes, 1 Blank Globe). Each globe shows a different view of Earth (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa).
This vector pack comes as one Adobe Illustrator File and One EPS file. To edit the globes just click through the layer groups and adjust the colors! Airplane silhouette is included in the pack! ;) Each globe can be customized to full color or silhouette (outline). See the examples in the thumbnail images.
What's in the pack:
  • 6 Vector Globes with and without stands
  • 3 Vector Adventure Globes
  • 2 Vector Airplanes
  • 3 high res PNG Adventure Globes
  • 6 high res PNG Globes with and without stands
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CM - Big Easter Collection- SALE! 1322212

Big Easter collection - posters, greeting cards, patterns, tags and elements. Perfect for greeting cards, apparel design, kids design, posters etc..
  • 10 Tags (Vector Eps, Illustrator Cs, Png 300 Dpi)
  • 7 Cards (Vector Eps, Illustrator Cs, Jpg 300 Dpi)
  • 11 separate elements (Vector Eps, Illustrator Cs, Png 300 Dpi)
  • 4 Patterns (Vector Eps, Illustrator Cs, Jpg 300 Dpi)
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CM - 8 Watercolor Wedding Monograms I 1302471

Create a cohesive on-brand Pinterest Feed. Templates are ideal to display quotes and business information
Stylish Templates: 8 separate Editable PSD files (with sample text) & 8 separate Plain PNG files (so you can overlay with your own text and images)
The PSD files required Adobe Photoshop to edit - all are fully customizable. You will need an image editing platform such as Photoshop/Canva/Designsta to use the PNG files to create graphics.
Personal Use and small business use only; cannot sell or claim graphics as own or use in any commercial digital product - even if colours and fonts are changed.
Upon receipt of payment you will receive 1 ZIP file containing:
8 png files 1080px X 1080px 72dpi
8 PSD files 1080px X 1080px
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CM 1276769 - FLORAL FIELD Collection 2
CM 1276769 - FLORAL FIELD Collection 2
CM 1276769 - FLORAL FIELD Collection 2
CM 1276769 - FLORAL FIELD Collection 2
CM 1276769 - FLORAL FIELD Collection 2
CM 1276769 - FLORAL FIELD Collection 2


CM 1276769 - FLORAL FIELD Collection 2

This collection of high quality hand painted watercolor of wild flowers. Perfect graphic for wedding invitations, greeting cards, logo, photos, posters, quotes and other DIY projects.


You will received 186 files. (300 dpi, RGB & CMYK, transparent background and photoshop file)

• 10 Bouquets - size approx: 16,3 - 9,6in (40 - 24cm), 4800 - 2800px

• 66 Elements - wide size approx: 3,7 - 1in (9,5 - 2,5cm), 1100 - 300px

• 8 Wreath - wide size approx: 15in (37,5cm), 4400px

• 2 Floral border - wide size approx: 23 -20in (58 - 51cm), 7000 - 6000px

• 14 Pre-made logo (font link included in a PDF file, some fonts are free but most of them need to purchase)

• 18 Watercolor floral patterns: 12x12in (3600x3600px)

• Pre-made Invitation background (45 JPEG image and 9 Photoshop file with bleed): 5,25 x 7,25in

• 6 Watercolor background - wide size approx: 5,7x8in

• 8 Shapes & special elements

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CM 1297198 - Spring Flowers Design Set
CM 1297198 - Spring Flowers Design Set
CM 1297198 - Spring Flowers Design Set


CM 1297198 - Spring Flowers Design Set

Timeless springtime floral designs for wedding invitations, stationary design, scrapbooking and so much more! Add a touch of springtime and romantic feel to your designs with intricate arrangements or combine your own arrangements using the individual elements in the package. Available in PNG Format with transparent background. Perfect to use in almost any program.


Package includes (transparent PNGs and PSDs):

• 75 Elements ( Flowers, butterflies, leaves, and more );

• 25 arrangements (1000 px - 3500 px wide) ;

• 6 intricate floral frames (2000 px - 3500 px wide) ;

• 6 ribbons (1500 px - 2500 px wide);

• 6 wreaths (3500 px x 3500 px);

• 4 seamless paper patterns (1500 px x 1500 px)

• BONUS: 4 bifold A4 ready-to-print cards (2 ’Thank you’ cards & 2 invitations), 4 ready-made seamless patterns.

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