Wind Tunnels - Pereira
Wind Tunnels - Pereira
PDF | 227 pages | ISBN10: 1612092047 | 7.37 MB
Genre: Aviation

Wind Tunnels - Pereira

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This book presents current research in the study of wind tunnels, including:
- the design, execution and numerical rebuilding of a plasma wind tunnel with the aim to analyze shock wave boundary layer interaction phenomena,
- the Mainz vertical wind tunnel facility experimenting on cloud physics and chemistry
- droplet cloud characteristics in a low-speed horizontal icing tunnel
- an air-conditioned wind tunnel environment for the study of mass and heat flux
- using wind tunnel studies to evaluate the drag coefficient of tree crowns
- Pre-X lifting body computational fluid dynamics
- low-speed wind tunnel design and construction

Wind Tunnels - Pereira

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Wind Tunnels - Pereira

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