Equity of Evolving Transportation FinanceMechanisms

Equity of Evolving Transportation FinanceMechanisms
Special Report 303. Committee on Equity Implications of Evolving Transportation FinanceMechanisms
TRB, NAS Press | 2011 | ISBN: 0309167604 9780309167604 | 197 pages | PDF | 6 MB

This Report addresses the equity of alternatives to current transportation finance mechanisms, notably mechanisms based on tolling and road use metering (i.e., road pricing). The report calls on policy makers to insist on well-designed studies of transportation finance that yield reliable information about the likely distribution of burdens and benefits, and that facilitate comparison of a given finance strategy with alternatives. In addition, public policy makers who wish to promote equity should engage their constituents and other stakeholders early and often when considering the use of new or unfamiliar transportation finance mechanisms.

Equity of Evolving Transportation FinanceMechanisms

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The report calls on researchers to explore further how people modify their use of the transportation system in response to changes in prices and services and the consequences of these responses. It also recommends the development of a handbook for state and local governments describing procedures for conducting equity analyses of transportation finance policies.

1 Equity and Transportation Finance
Role of Equity in the Evolution of U.S. Surface Transportation Finance
Legal and Policy Framework for Equity
Charge to the Committee

Organization of the Report
2 How Transportation Is Funded andWho Pays
Taxonomy of Transportation Funding Approaches
Who Ultimately Pays?
Chapter Highlights
3 Equity Through Different Lenses
Equity Concepts
Categories of People
Equity Assessment
Distributions of Burdens and Benefits
Chapter Highlights
4 Transportation Finance Equity: Evidence and Experience
Evidence on Equity in Road Finance
Evidence on Equity in Transit Finance
Remedying Inequities
Opportunities to Fill Knowledge Gaps
Chapter Highlights
5 Equity and DecisionMaking: Experience with Road Pricing
Equity in Debates over Road Pricing
The Role of Public Opinion
Lessons Learned from Real-Life Experience
Chapter Highlights
6 Findings and Recommendations
Dimensions of Equity
Equity of Evolving FinanceMechanisms
Remedying Inequities
Measuring Equity
Issues for PolicyMakers to Consider
Recommendations for Public PolicyMakers and Their Staff
Research Needs
Recommendations for Researchers and Analysts
Sources of Funding for Recommended Actions
Concluding Remarks
A Legal Basis for Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Justice Considerations in Transportation DecisionMaking, Planning, Policy, and Projects
B CommitteeMeetings and Other Activities
C Commissioned Papers and Authors
D SymposiumAgenda and Participants

Study Committee Biographical Information


Equity of Evolving Transportation FinanceMechanisms

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