Windows Phone 7 Game Development
Windows Phone 7 Game Development
Publisher: Apress 2010 | 500 Pages | ISBN: 1430233060 | PDF | 11 MB

Windows Phone 7 is a powerful mobile computing platform with huge potential for gaming. With “instant on” capabilities, the promise of gaming on the move is a reality with Windows Phone 7 devices. It’s an ideal environment for .NET developers looking to create fun, sophisticated games for large audiences.

Windows Phone 7 Game Development

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Windows Phone 7 Game Development will guide you through all of the stages required to develop your own games for the Windows Phone 7 platform using the powerful industry standard .NET programming environment and the C# programming language within Visual Studio 2010. You'll be guided though using Silverlight and XNA for the presentation layer of your games. You'll also see the inner workings on the Windows Phone, and learn to take advantage of the phone's gaming capabilities. Finally, you'll receive instructions on distributing your applications through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

What you'll learn

* How to get started with Windows Phone 7 development, from setting up the IDE to debugging techniques.
* Develop using the free or full versions of Visual Studio 2010.
* Master high performance 2D and 3D graphics using the XNA development environment.
* Build 2D games using Silverlight and also learn how to publish them to the web.
* Find out the best ways to control your games, including using touch screens, keyboards and accelerometers.
* Produce high quality music and sound effects from your games.
* Masses of example code and working projects, including two example games, "Cosmic Rocks" and "Diamond Lines."
* All you need to release your games to the world for fun or to sell.

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Windows Phone 7 Game Development

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