Alfons Font Family $189
Alfons Font Family $189 | 50 x OTF
Alfons is a handy collection of 38 display fonts with a pack of Ornaments and Extras on top of that. Alfons is great for any kind of display use from online to packaging to posters or identities.Alfons is divided into eight subfamilies that play great together. Alfons’ core family is a monoline script that has eight weights from extra thin to black and on top of that two printed versions that have softer, a bit blurred features. Alfons Script is equipped with Standard Ligatures which makes the flow more natural. For more swirling swashes and bouncy flow try Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType savvy program or manually select from even more alternate characters from Glyph Palette. Alfons Display, Sans, Condensed, Serif and Slab are equipped with Swash alternates and Alfons Tiki has interlocking ligatures feature that you can access from Discretionary Ligatures. Alfons Extras is a pack of pictograms and icons and some catchwords. Alfons Ornaments is designed to work with Script.

CM - Nafasyah - Brushed Font Duo 1343363
4 OTF 4 TTF | 2 MB RAR
A complete set of hand-lettered font that gives a personal touch to your awesome words and beautiful artworks. Nafasyah updated version comes with regular, brushed, sans and extra (swashes + doodles) version. A standard set including uppercase, lowercase, figures and punctuation characters. Also with special features like alternates, ligatures, discretionary ligatures, and stylistic alternates. Combined with Nafasyah Extra, you will get swashes and doodles to decorate your work.
With Discretionary ligatures, you only need to add numeral character in the end of the word "and" and "the". For example, you can type and1, and2, and3, or and4 to display "and" ligatures. Or just type the1, the2, the3, the4, the5, or the6 to display "the" ligatures. So fun and easy!

CM - Alpenable + Swash 1343568
3 OTF 3 TTF 3 WOFF | 649 KB RAR
Introducing my new font Alpenable is another lovely modern calligraphy typefaces, which is combining the style of classic calligraphy with an modern style. So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more !
Alpenable come with 418 glyphs. The alternative characters were divided into several Open Type features such as Swash, Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates etc. The Open Type features can be accessed by using Open Type savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw X version, And Microsoft Word. And this Font has given PUA unicode (specially coded fonts). so that all the alternate characters can easily be accessed in full by a craftsman or designer.

CM - Monroe Font Family NEW 1323520

3 TTF 3 OTF | 125 KB RAR
Hey, Guys. Monroe is the latest project I have. I've been working on this font family for a while & it is one of my absolute favorite things I've done on Creative Market so far. I wanted to create something modern yet vintage in a way. I hope you find a use for it and see the potential that I see.
This font comes in 3 options - Light, Regular & Bold and you can use it for your logo projects, for catchy headings, apparel design, gift cards, any typography projects you have coming up and anything else that requires a unique & strong lettering involved.
All 3 versions of Monroe come in both .OTF and .TTF formats so it is compatible with whatever design applications you use.

CM - Marjoram font 1331598

Marjoram - font and eps, png illustrations. Ideal for invitations, logos, branding, blogs, handmade craft items, scrap booking, printed paper items and more.
  • eps file with clipart and patterns
  • 23 png files, 300 dpi
  • 2 jpg files with patterns (3600x3600jpg)
  • otf font

CM 1341833 - Porter FT Round


CM 1341833 - Porter FT Round

Comin in hot! And extended. And slightly soft. Porter FT Round is the (duh) round equivalent of Porter FT. Four weights, uppercase/lowercase, western latin language support.

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CM 1341626 - Noirside Typeface + Styles


CM 1341626 - Noirside Typeface + Styles

"Noirside" is all-caps typeface. Artdeco inspiredl. Best for logos and heading.


• Basic latin glyphs

• Uppercase letters

• Numbers & punctuation

• OTF / TTF files

• 6 Ai live text styles for extended use this font

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CreativeMarket 68% OFF Font Bundle - Limited time! 1332664
CreativeMarket 68% OFF Font Bundle - Limited time! 1332664
CreativeMarket 68% OFF Font Bundle - Limited time! 1332664
CreativeMarket 68% OFF Font Bundle - Limited time! 1332664
CreativeMarket 68% OFF Font Bundle - Limited time! 1332664

CreativeMarket 68% OFF Font Bundle - Limited time! 1332664
INTRODUCTORY SALE  -   Until March 17th, Enjoy an additional $5 of the sale price, bringing the total savings to 68%.  That's 14 font styles for only $19 instead of $60.
Commercial Use Allowed  -  Fonts should be worry free!  Once you purchase this bundle, these fonts are in your design arsenal for life.  Unlimited sales and projects with only a few exceptions.  See for details
Introducing the Four Font Bundle.  These high quality fonts would cost $60 when purchased seperately, but we wanted to give you a font bundle at an irresistable price.  If you like even just one of these fonts, you get the other 3 font families for only a couple dollars more.  This bundle was designed give you maximum versatility with your text needs.  These fonts range from extra wide (Kicking Horse) to extra condensed (Woodcraft Sans Extra Condensed).
The included fonts:
Bushfire is a slab serif font with a little bit of grit, and an outdoorsy vibe.  Bushfire comes in 4 versions: regular, bold, condensed and condensed bold.
Kicking Horse
This font has vintage printing effects and an old western vibe.  Looking for rounded edges?  Maybe some grit or some grunge?  We got you covered!
Woodcrafter Sans
Woodcrafter has a handmade feel to it.  The corners are rounded, a little bit of grit and imperfections were added in, and the results couldn't be better!  It's fantastic paired up with other fonts, and it's great on its own.  Woodcrafter Sans is available in Regular, Bold, Condensed and Extra Condensed.
Usually serif fonts have a very contemporary feel to it, but we were having none of that!  We added some grit and overprinting and made a classic with a modern twist.  Shoreline comes in both regular and bold.
Language Support - Every font has a ton of extra characters added in to support many different languages.
Format Options - Both fonts are provided in both .TTF and .OTF formats, for a total of 4 font files.

Praho Pro Font Family

Praho Pro is a part of Warsaw Types – a project based on Warsaw’s local typographic heritage. The project, presented at the Museum of Praga, is a collaboration of 12 young Polish typographers. Praho Pro is a multilingual family inspired by the unique, historical character of Praga district of Poland’s capital - Warsaw. High contrast, thin serifs, sharp terminals and large x-height are key features for distinctive headlines. The whole family consist of 9 weights and real italics, small caps, superscript and subscript letters, oldstyle, tabular figures and fractions. It covers latin and cyrillic script. Every weight has almost 2000 glyphs.

OTF | 18 Fonts | + JPG Preview

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Fada Font Family

Fada is a unicase geometric grotesque that was made on the basis of a logo for a bar, which we have designed. We were inspired by the license plate, in which the letters have specific heats in places conjoined. The only difference between upper or lower case characters is reduced and increased waist. This is characteristic not only for letters and digits. Fada - good for fashion, editorial, posters, logos and so on.

OTF | 8 Fonts | + JPG Preview

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ITC Barcelona Font Family

TTF | 16 Fonts | + JPG Preview

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CM 1339883 - Hello Font


CM 1339883 - Hello Font

• 9 EPS 10 files

• 9 JPEG 300 DPI files

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CM - Mishall Font 1260698

CM - Mishall Font 1260698

Mishall is a Font Bundles exclusive font. This vintage typeface is perfect for vintage themed designs, logo’s and headlines. It also goes very well with T Shirt designs and Apparel.

OTF | TTF | Vector EPS | CS+ | RAR 335 KB

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Altair Font Family $125
Altair Font Family $125 | 14 x OTF
Altair is a sans serif type family derived from Zetafonts’s Digitalino typeface. The original bold design by Francesco Canovaro has been expanded in a seven weights family, suitable for a wide range of design uses, from body copy to display text and ranging from a thin weight to the ultra one.Altair’s main originality lies in the calligraphic roots of its design, that gives it a friendly, confident look that is perfect for corporate voices, new technology startups, news blogs and any other case where a solid design must be given an emotional context.

CM - Ecolo Family Font 1313128

4 TTF 4 OTF | 1.5 MB RAR
is a decorative Font. Available 213 glyphs with ttf and otf both files. Also make a new type looking with combined of two type. This font is a great to create the design focus by this fonts type. Also useful for any Design project. Headlines, Poster,Tag design, Newspaper & Magazine Ad Design and many more.
What you get with main downloaded file
  • ecolo cool.ttf and ecolo cool.otf
  • ecolo 3d.ttf and ecolo 3d.otf
  • ecolo outline.ttf and ecolo outline.otf
  • ecolo outline 3d.ttf and ecolo outline 3d.otf

Galapagos Font Family
Galapagos Font Family

The Galapagos Typeface is based on the Galapagos Game invented by Felix Salut. It was used as a prop for his 2014 short film Shut Up I’m Counting of which the script turned book, published by Spector Books, was awarded the Walter Tiemann Prize the same year. For the Galapagos Typeface, Felix Salut and Dinamo composed the same 9 modules into 7 alphabets of different styles: Rounded, Straight, Angular and their crossings Rounded-Straight, Straight-Angular, Rounded Angular and Rounded-Straight-Angular. The result is a total of 70 individual typefaces: each style comes in 5 weights, with Grid and No-Grid versions. Using Stylistic Sets, all characters can be moved up and down along the vertical grid. Just as the Galapagos Islands are home to a vast number of unique species, the Galapagos Typeface encompasses a range of characters whose forms evolve from one another. This release is accompanied by the launch of the App, which allows for a playful entrance into the modular Galapagos cosmos. Users can take pictures and compose layouts on top of them, switch between Galapagos’ type variations by hand or by shaking the phone before sharing the design on social media channels.

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ITC American Typewriter Font Family

ITC American Typewriter was designed by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan. It is an ode to the invention that shaped reading habits and the idea of legibility, the typewriter. A compromise between the rigidity of its ancestor and the expectations of the digital age, ITC American Typewriter retains the typical typewriter alphabet forms, lending the font a hint of nostalgia.

OTF | 9 Fonts | + JPG Preview

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CM - Emerald Script Font 1328553
Emerald is the font pack. The Normal font combines with the alternate character font to make each word unique. Then add the Splatters font as your tagline and — the ideal logo!
Whats include:
  • Emerald (.ttf & .otf) Includes opentype features.
  • Splatters (.ttf & .otf) Perfectly combine with Emerald to create cool - typography or logo design.
  • Includes a range of multilingual support.
  • PUA Encoded Characters - Fully accessible without additional design software.

Haboro Contrast Font Family $222
Haboro Contrast Font Family $222 | 54 x OTF
Meet Haboro Contrast, the stylish little sister of the Haboro hyperfamily. While built from the same clean, geometric shapes of Haboro Sans, this new addition has been rebalanced for elegant performance with her high-contrast sans letterforms and has been adjusted to provide the greatest impact for each weight. It’s a personality all her own, gentle in approach yet refined and modern with a confident appearance.Capitalize on Contrast’s style with OpenType features, too. Packed with options like OpenType ligatures, stylistic sets, fractions, crafted small caps and old-fashioned figures, this font will keep your work fresh and attractive. If you need even more combinations for the right statement, use the entire Haboro hyperfamily and create the right balance to capture your reader’s eye.Haboro Contrast (along with the rest of the Haboro family) has been tested for the web and is ready for use in both print and digital applications. Designed to serve as a display character for such publishing projects as magazines and company brochures, Contrast gives you comfort in having a great amount of versatility in the fonts you rely on. It’s a prime example where high contrast simplicity lends itself to achieve excellent design results.