Jawset TurbulenceFD v0.3.34 for Cinema 4D (Win32/Win64)

Turbulence Fluid Dynamics (TFD) makes high quality simulations of fire, smoke, dust and other gaseous phenomena available directly in Cinema 4D. TFD is exceptionally easy to use, optimized for performance and scalability and does all that without any compromise on visual quality.

Jawset TurbulenceFD v0.3.34 for Cinema 4D (Win32/Win64)

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What`s new:
- LW: new 3D viewport preview;
- LW: removed ram cache frames parameter;
- LW: don't update VPR while dragging a curve tension control;
- LW: fixed: crash when creating undocked preview;
- LW: fixed: crash when deleting FluidContainer custom object, then opening Containers dialog;
- LW: fixed: sim progress frame number was offset by 1;
- LW: fixed: cache compression checkbox was not working;
- C4D: replaced particle mode preview by 3D slicing;
- C4D: PFluid TP Node: set particle spin from fluid;
- C4D: PFluid TP Node: add particle turbulence;
- C4D: fixed: TP particle advection didn't consider frame offset;
- C4D: fixed: crash when using separate opacity channel;
- C4D: fixed: crash when using smoke texture but no fire texture;
- C4D: runtime compatibility problem with C4D versions older than R12;
- C4D: preview does not show fluid textures anymore;
- C4D: fixed: flicker in fluid textures;
- C4D: fixed: crash on startup with R11;
- C4D: dropped support for R10.5;
- C4D: sim-button restarts sim is used while sim is running;
- C4D: allow to hide bounding boxes in viewport preview;
- C4D: fixed: crash when using gradient shader inputs;
- single slice preview oriented automatically;
- grid pattern oriented automatically;
- grid display as checkerboard instaed of fence (more detail for high resolutions);
- reduced cache load times;
- changed fire opacity to not affect luminosity;
- using voxel size as minimum emission radius;
- fixed: sim may abort when using thin containers (like 100x100x3);
- fixed issue with jittery progress bar;
- option to disable extrapolation into obstacles (for use with invisible or transparent obstacles).


- Cinema 4D R11, R11.5, R12.

This plug-in is still in it's Beta stage. Some features are still missing and it may be unstable.
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XP/Vista/7 TurbulenceFD
v0.3.34ce (2011-01-31) CINEMA 4D
R11, R11.5, R12







Jawset TurbulenceFD v0.3.34 for Cinema 4D (Win32/Win64)

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