Google SketchUp Pro 8 + VRay 1.48.89 Portable


VRay For SketchUp 1.48.89 with Portable.GSP.v8.0.3117

SketchUp is one of the most widely used and easy to learn 3D Modeling software on the market today. With VRay for SketchUp users now have one of the most powerful rendering tools available to visualize their models with the upmost quality and realism. VRay works within the SketchUp environment allowing users to be able to efficiently incorporate the task. of rendering within their current workflows.

Google SketchUp Pro 8 + VRay 1.48.89 Portable

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VRay For SketchUp 1.48.89:

- Toon material should work properly now
- Found an issue in our notify queue system that could cause problems opening or making new models
- Fixed issue where materials with names matching that of dummy materials in our material preview scene would cause problems when rendering previews
- Fixed issue where material layers may disappear when the material is used as a sub material for a 2sided material
- Fixed issue with the Floating License Manager that prevented users from adding additional licenses
- Added some error checking to the user input in our license dialogs, to help users enter their information correctly
- Hitting the back button after failing to activate the product should no longer cause problems
- Fixed some other issues with licensing that would cause error messages to appear when the activation was sucessful
- The cutoff parameter should now be visible in the Default V-Ray material's options again, it had disappeared in a recent build
- You can now set a material to not be effected by the global override material
- VFB Render History has been added(the little H at the bottom of the VFB)
- Updated to V-Ray Core 1.90.03
- During the installation, you can now choose to check out more than one seat for your license when setting up a local floating license server
- Our tooltips should now be automatically word wrapped, so they won't fill the entire width of the screen with a long line of text
- Added dispersion to the Refraction layer.
- Added the ability to set a texture for Anisotropy
- Added the ability to set a texture for Anisotropy Rotation
- Removed useless UVW settings from the TexAColor
- There is now a confirmation dialog that will appear when removing a material or material laye

True raytraced reflections and refractions
Glossy reflections and refractions
Indirect Illumination (global illumination, global lighting). Different approaches include direct computation (brute force), and irradiance maps.
Area shadows (soft shadows). Includes box and sphere emitters
True HDRI support. Includes support of proper texture coordinate handling for both cubic and angular maps. Map your images directly without distortions or cropping.
Fully multithreaded raytracing engine
Native SketchUp materials supported and integrated into VRay Materials
Antialiasing. Includes fixed, simple 2-level and adaptive approaches.
Reusable irradiance maps (save and load support). Incremental sampling for fly- through animations.
VRay Material Editor with Material Preview
VRay Sun and Sky
VRay Physical Camera
Depth-Of-Field camera effect.
Distributed Rendering allowing a single image to be process over up to 10 machines
Per Material GI, Background, Reflection, and Refraction
VRay Two-Sided Material for easy creation of thin translucency
Animation Support

Google SketchUp Pro 8 + VRay 1.48.89 Portable

Google SketchUp Pro 8 + VRay 1.48.89 Portable

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Free 300 GB with full DSL-Broadband Speed!

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