Orion Markup 3.0 | MacOSX | 36 MB

The app lets you open an image (including, of course, screenshots taken from your own Mac), and add all sorts of annotations in the form of text, graphical elements, highlights, callouts, and more. And, when you’re ready, Orion Markup’s powerful sharing features mean that sending your work to friends and colleagues is just a click (or two) away.


MarkdownD 3.7.2 | MacOSX | 7.8 MB

MarkdownD is a full-featured Markdown editor.

Video Converter Plus vGuruSoft 1.1.5 (Mac OS X)
Video Converter Plus vGuruSoft 1.1.5 (Mac OS X) | 40 MB


Video Converter Plus vGuruSoft = HD Video Converter + Audio Converter + Lossless Screen Recorder + Powerful Video Editor + HD Multimedia Player + Video & Audio Compression Tool…

Cloud Outliner Pro 2.3 (MacOSX)

Cloud Outliner Pro 2.3 (MacOSX) | 5.9 MB


Outlines are interactive and highly customizable notes that organize your plans, projects, and ideas in a clear way. Cloud Outliner enables you to create and share outlines between your Mac, iOS devices, and Evernote account. Got a sudden flash of insight? Don't risk forgetting it – just enter it right away on whatever device is closest, and see your changes synchronized with all your devices at once.

Pixel Film Studios - ProIntro: Glamour for Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X)

Pixel Film Studios - ProIntro: Glamour for Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X) | 185 MB


ProIntro: Glamor is a set of 30 self-animating elegant-styled introductions created exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Pixel Film Studios’ elegantly styled titles allow FCPX editors to add a unique opener to any video production. Choose from styles with beautiful animations and basic title elements including shapes, lines, and patterns. Blur the background and adjust gradients for greater contrast. Pixel Film Studios’ ProIntro: Glamor makes customization in Final Cut Pro X easy.

ToketaWare iThoughtsX 4.1.5379 MacOSX
iThoughtsX v4.3 (Mac OS X) | 30.3 MB

iThoughtsX is a mind mapping app for the Mac. It is based upon and fully compatible with iThoughts for iOS. Mindmapping enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information.

Current for Facebook 1.2 (Mac OS X)
Current for Facebook 1.2 (Mac OS X) | 5 MB


Current is THE BEST app for using Facebook Messenger and keeping current (pun intended) with Facebook on your Mac!

Crumplepop - Fisheye Fixer for GoPro v1.0 and v2.0 for Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X) | 65 MB



The GoPro’s fisheye lens naturally distorts the horizon lines and frame edges.

Quixel Megascans Studio 0.911 (x64)
Quixel Megascans Studio 0.916 (Mac OS X) | 270 MB

MegaScans Studio was developed to let artists create their own detailed, tile-able and photorealistic surfaces by mixing any number of scans together.

Later - Create Quick Reminders With Presets v1.0.3 (Mac OS X)

Later - Create Quick Reminders With Presets V1.0.3 (Mac OS X) |  8 MB
Later lets you schedule reminders in natural way by choosing times like this evening, tomorrow morning or next week.

Downie 2.1.10 Multilingual (Mac OS X)
Downie 2.6.1 Multilingual (Mac OS X) |  MB

Downie - this is the easiest video downloader. Supports over 750 popular sites such as YouTube (including 4K video), Vimeo, MetaCafe, iView, Facebook and many others. Choose the quality and format of the file to be downloaded and enjoy your favorite videos.

Clip Studio Paint EX 1.6.2 (Mac OS X) | 279 MB


Clip Studio Paint EX is a piece of software,which has acquired 1,000,000 users,with outstanding drawing performance for manga. Evolve with all the functions of ComicStudio, 1.6 million copies of which have been sold around the world.

Usher 1.1.15 (Mac OS X)
Many Tricks Usher 1.1.15 (Mac OS X) | 8 MB


Usher is your personal movie assistant, making the once-complicated task of managing your movie collection easy and enjoyable. So much so that you'll actually have time to watch your movies, instead of spending all your time organzing them.

Resolutionator 1.1.1 (Mac OS X)
Resolutionator 1.1.1 (Mac OS X) | 3 MB


Resolutionator makes it simple to use any of your display's available resolutions. Need more space for a project? A quick click of a menu bar icon or press of a keyboard shortcut lets you easily switch to any available resolution. No more time-consuming trips through System Preferences.

Butler 4.1.23 (Mac OS X)
Butler 4.1.23 (Mac OS X) | 4 MB


Butler makes it easier for you to perform a wide variety of potentially recurring tasks. Just arrange these tasks in Butler's fully customizable configuration and assign one or more triggers to a task.

Pixel Film Studios - ProLeak for Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X)
Pixel Film Studios - ProLeak for Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X) | 21 MB


ProLeak from Pixel Film Studios allows you to take total control over your light leak in Final Cut Pro X. With on-screen controls and customizable options, you can manipulate and create the perfect light leak for your scene. Simply drag and drop one of the 30 ProLeak presets on to your footage and prepare to control the light in FCPX!

JetBrains PhpStorm 2016.3.2

JetBrains PhpStorm 2016.3.2 | MacOSX | 227 MB

JetBrains PhpStorm is easy and convenient PHP editor that will maximize your productivity. The editor understands the code, gives handy tips, quick navigation and tracking error "on the fly". IDE is always ready to help you build your code, run unit tests and to provide visual debugging. PhpStorm supports PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, YAML, javascript - everything you need for what would develop its web-site.

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Orion Greeting Card Designer 2.90 (Mac OS X)

Orion Greeting Card Designer 2.90 (Mac OS X) | 143 MB


Hundreds of fonts and colors. Beautiful shapes. Featuring free form layer arrangement and multiple alignment tools. Orion Greeting Card Designer makes it super easy to create memorable greeting cards. Simply point and click to choose template, drag and drop to add custom photos and text, then print and fold!

Magic Retouch Pro v3.4 for Adobe Photoshop CS5 - CC 2015.5
Magic Retouch Pro v3.4 for Adobe Photoshop CS5 - CC 2015.5 (Mac OS X) | 3 MB
for Photoshop CS5 - CC 2015.5


Magic Retouch Pro is a Photoshop extension plug-in with which you can do professional level retouching but without any retouching knowledge or experience. Magic Retouch Pro is perfect for novice users, but also gives time saving tools for more experienced users.

Colibri 1.4.2 MacOSX

Colibri 1.4.2 | MacOSX | 4.2 Mb

Native Lossless Audio for macOS.A refreshingly new addition to the audio player scene.Colibri is a native macOS audio player built from scratch on top of the award-winning BASS technology.


NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter 2.1.1 | MacOSX | 6.1 MB

Apple Music Converter + Audiobook Converter + M4P to MP3 Converter. NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter is an efficient app that offers a quick method of saving iTunes songs on your Mac. It is very novice-friendly and can convert files to MP3 or AAC.