NeverCenter CameraBag Desktop 2.0 Portable

NeverCenter CameraBag Desktop 2.0 Portable | 24.5 Mb

Nevercenter CameraBag 2 Desktop - a graphics editor with an entirely new approach to image processing. The program works on the engine, Analog Engine and has a full set of tools (25 +) for correcting digital photos with high quality, fully customizable filters (100 +) for the simulation of various effects. In arsenele software tools for photo editing such as cropping, adjusting the set of parameters from the curves, palettes, with convenient sliders, as well as many filters and special effects.

NeverCenter CameraBag Desktop 2.0 Portable

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CameraBag 2 has a simple and intuitive interface where all the settings are in the active window, next to the window to preview and optionally may be hidden.
To view the photos and the effect applied to it enough to open the pictures and hover over the style or function you want to apply.

You will enjoy working with photos, since the program has the opportunity to review all possible options of different options and styles in full screen mode. By clicking on the option you like, you can manage virtually all settings with a high level of detail of complex effects, such as using the sliders, and through the curves. You can combine effects, edit, and save for reuse in the future.

It is possible to color correction curves for each of the RGB color channel support 32-bit multi-threaded image processing, working with RAW-files.
After selecting the desired image begins the process of creation of the candy ... photos. To the right of the source file there are two menus: a general and a specific filter. Overall you can select which area of ??the editing will be added to the new filter. You can select Styles, Adjust, Borders, Favorites, and Quicklooks. In the first overlay will be displayed in the form of filters on the picture itself. The second item will make it possible to change the contrast, saturation, brightness, color balance is correct and select the style of darkening around the edges. In the submenu, the user is free to choose Borders edging for the image. Well, in the Favorites you can save individual presets.

Point to one of the available points of the second menu will appear directly preview the processed image. If you want to see the result on the photo itself, will have to click on the favorite method of change. It is worth noting that a simple click on any other filter, the previous lost. To combine several items have to use the plus sign to the right of the name. And when the time for selection of each of the uluchshalok not, simply by clicking the Quicklook, the program will show full-screen preview of pictures, all the methods treated separately.

All added improvements are shown at the bottom of a vacuum window. Active is highlighted in orange, and all others are gray. Each filter can change the settings using the sliders. Usually there are two. The first (Amount) is responsible for the intensity of the image changes according to style, the second (Remix) will change some parameters of the style, such as color balance, or the radius of the vignetting.

Adjust submenu item is broken into several parts:
• Basics - the usual tools cropping, changing contrast, etal.
• Light - set of lighting effects and changes in levels of shading, gamma
• Color - the color correctors, causing the on-screen palette and kryvye can use to set the color tone;
• Photographis help you choose the vignette, create noise or light beams on the sides;
• Utility - to adjust the size of the future file.

If any of the previously applied filters in the later stages of editing may seem out of place or want to remove completely, the upper corners of the rectangles with the name of each present a cross and an icon vkl.vykl. Who are removed or turned off during one or a group setting.

10 items dating from the CameraBag 2
A. Drag the photo into the window CameraBag (or use the File> Open / File> Open). To rotate the image, use the hot keys L and R. Use the left and right arrow keys to view other images in the same folder / directory.
Two. Click on the Styles / Styles. Move your mouse over a style name to see a preview. Choose your style and apply it to photography, which will bring the slider-style "Remix" for additional configuration.
Three. Tab Adjust. Here, the "traditional" tools for photo editing: cropping photos, adjusting brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, saturation, as well as some new and innovative: the different curves for color correction. Tool Multi Tool for use with multiple adjustments at once. Adding a vignette.
4. Borders (borders) in CameraBag - a dynamic picture frames with the ability to change and adjust the size.
Five. The collection of Favorites (Favorites) - can be any series of styles, settings and frames, and your combined individual. To create a combination of your favorite, click on the "Add Current ..." "Add the current ..." and save it. You can save a couple of clicks in the entire set of filters applied as a preset and see what combinations you are prepared for the developers.
6. Quicklooks tab allows you to quickly view and apply any effects of the selected group: Styles, Adjust, Borders, Favorites.
7. Bottom Tray is a button under the preview window, you can use to enable or disable a particular effect, change the settings and change the order of effects and settings.
Eight. Button Undo / Redo always remember your actions and help you move forward or backward on the manufactured process.
9. Customize buttons Customizere editing workspace. In the lower left corner of the arrow icon to show or hide a panel with buttons effects.
10. Go to the tab Styles. Click on the names of several styles, icon appears on the right + clicking on which you can get a combination of these effects. By clicking the + sign on the keyboard can be obtained sozraniv effect.

NeverCenter CameraBag Desktop 2.0 Portable

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