Female figure painting

Female figure painting
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Female figure painting

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Part one:
01) Constructing a Female Drawing (body front-view)
02) Base color, Block in and Skin Tone.
03) Painting Face and check overall proportion.
04) Rendering Torso area and Breasts.
05) Finished figure rendering and value control.
06) Extra Chapter: Costume and Breasts shape and form.
07) Skin Color: Tips to make dark & light skin character.
08) Clean up the figure painting.
09) Highligh and finishing touch and tips.

Part two:
1) Basic Female Anatomy for Artist: Front and Profile
2) Basic Female Anatomy for Artist: Back View
3) Rendering Female Torso & Breasts: Rough Sketch, Block in, Values, and Soft Edge vs Hard Edge.
4) Construct Female Figure (full body) in Action (gesture study): Basic, Movement, Weight, Balance, and Simplify
5) Construct Female Figure (Partial Body) in Action: Basic, Movement, Poses, Focal and Simplify
6) Painting Figures from sketches and apply basic anatomy into your painting.
7) Painting back of female figure (gray-scale): Focus on butts, thighs, legs, hip and back.

Download links:


1297537221/female_figure_painting.part1.rar Part 1

1297537241/female_figure_painting.part2.rar Part 2

Female figure painting

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