Ipaintgirls - Master The Human Figure
Ipaintgirls - Master The Human Figure
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Master the human figure lessons will bring your figure drawing skills to the next level--guaranteed. I absolutely guarantee it. Just follow along the lessons and do the exercises and you will significantly draw the human body better.

Ipaintgirls - Master The Human Figure

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"I've learned more from Neil than I have in three years of art school."

In the fast pace of concept art and most any job that requires you to draw, you must draw quickly. This means you need to be able to draw the human figure from your mind, especially if you want to be a comic artist. That's exactly what these lessons will do for you. You will be able to draw people from your mind in any position, action or otherwise.

The lessons take you from stick man to fully muscled figures. It covers from toddler to adult, from real life, comic, to manga.
Lesson 1 - 30 minutes
Mastering proportions and the stick figure, from toddler to adult.

Lesson 2 - 21 minutes
Mastering the primitive skeleton from different view points.

Lesson 3 - Part 1, 31 minutes - Part 2, 23 minutes
Mastering the basic manikin from different view points, both male and female. Some foreshortening.

Lesson 4 - 32 minutes
Mastering form, shading, the three point lighting system.

Lesson 5 - Part 1, 27 minutes - Part 2, 37 minutes
Mastering drawing poses with manikins, both male and female. Covers foreshortening and form, dynamics, weight distribution, balance, etc.

Lesson 6 - Part 1, 34 minutes - Part 2, 37 minutes - Part 3, 29 minutes
Mastering placing muscles and anatomy onto male manikins, making them realistic figures.

Lesson 7 - Part 1, 22 minutes - Part 2, 17 minutes - Part 3, 21 minutes
Mastering placing muscles and anatomy onto female manikins, making them realistic figures.

Lesson 8 - Part 1, 26 minutes - Part 2, 15
Taking everything you've learned and adapting it to make it manga, for male and female. Learn manga portions, style, etc.

Lesson 9 - Part 1, 32 minutes - Part 2, 20 minutes - Part 3, 37 minutes - Part 4, 32 minutes
Mastering difficult poses. More advanced foreshortening and dynamics. Gestures, etc.

Lesson 10 - Part 1, 19 minutes - Part 2, 20 minutes - Part 3, 14 minutes
Taking everything you've learned and applying it to comic characters. Learning comic character proportions and style.

Lesson 11 - 32 minutes
Mastering breasts. Learn how they are placed on the body, their dynamics, how they move, how they flatten, etc. Everything you need to know about boobs.

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Ipaintgirls - Master The Human Figure




Ipaintgirls - Master The Human Figure

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