Vegan Gal - Change Your Food Change Your Life

Vegan Gal - Change Your Food Change Your Life
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Vegan Gal - Change Your Food Change Your Life

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This DVD will give you some facts and figures that you never would have previously entertained. Jill Ovnik, the creator and "star" of the DVD, walks the viewer through her personal transition from a diet which included meat and dairy products to a diet that is completely void of such items, a vegan diet. ”
If you are a vegetarian that is ready to go to the "next level", or if you are a meat eater that has thought about veganism, this DVD is for you. If you have health issues, especially those that could be related to meat consumption, (heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis) then this DVD is for you. You will learn about the benefits of a meat-free, vegan diet in terms of solid facts and statistics. Jill will take you shopping to explore the many choices that are available with such a diet. She also details several recipes that are favorites of hers and instructs viewers how they can go about eating in their favorite dining establishments while still adhering to their food preferences.

You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to benefit from the information presented in this DVD. It is full of ideas and suggestions that can benefit anyone – young and old alike. This DVD will, as the title suggests, change your life!

Vegan Gal - Change Your Food Change Your Life

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