Light & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos
Chris Gatcum, "Light & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos"
English | ISBN: 1907579141 | 2011 | PDF | 144 pages | 129 MB


  • Fashion photography has always called for the maximum creative variety, with a constant pressure for photographers to produce fresh, exciting work with complicated, considered lighting and location design. Whether youre starting out or have many years of experience, this book is an accessible and varied way to explore the genre and pick up new ideas. Each of the 50 fashion photographs, from such famous names as Solve Sundsbo, is accompanied with complete details on how it was achieved with insights from the photographer, alongside a detailed 3D lighting diagram showing where all the equipment and props were placed. Armed with all this detail, its easy to see how photos were made, learn how to use equipment, and develop as a photographer. There is also an introduction to camera and lighting equipment, and a complete glossary of terminology.


MoMA - The Museum Of Modern Art - The Masterworks Collection of 911 Artists
Masterpieces of Modern Art in Printing Resolution
2500 UHQ JPG Images of Artworks | ~4500x3000 Pixels | 6.45 GB
A&D Architectural Drawings | A&D Architectural Models | A&D Design Objects
A&D Graphic Designs | Drawings | Illustrated Books | Sculptures
Installations | Multiples | Paintings | Photographs | Prints
Museum Website:

  • The Museum of Modern Art is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration. With extraordinary exhibitions and the world's finest collection of modern and contemporary art, MoMA is dedicated to the conversation between the past and the present, the established and the experimental. Our mission is helping you understand and enjoy the art of our time. 


The Web Designer's Idea Book, Vol. 2: More of the Best Themes, Trends and Styles in Website Design
"The Web Designer's Idea Book, Vol. 2: More of the Best Themes, Trends and Styles in Website Design" by Patrick McNeil
2010 | EPUB | 272 pages | ISBN: 160061972X | English | 44 MB

Volume 2 of The Web Designer’s Idea Book includes more than 650 new websites arranged thematically, so you can easily find inspiration for your work. Author Patrick McNeil, creator of the popular web design blog _designmeltdown dot com and author of the original bestselling Web Designer’s Idea Book, has cataloged thousands of sites, and showcases the latest and best examples in this book. The web is the most rapidly changing design medium, and this book offers an organized overview of what’s happening right now. Sites are categorized by type, design element, styles and themes, structural styles, and structural elements. This new volume also includes a helpful chapter explaining basic design principles and how they can be applied online.


iStockVideo - Liquid Flow HD720  
*.mov | 1280x720 px @ 25 fps | 10 Seconds | HD: Photo JPEG, Anamorphic | 75 MB

Amazing Metal Album Covers Collection 12.000 PSD, PNG, PDF and JPG
Amazing Metal Album Covers Collection

From 440x591 to 10000x10000 Pixels | 12100 PSD, PNG, PDF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, EPS and GIF | 15.6 GB
[ Black Sabbath, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle Of Filth, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Slayer ]
  • A collection of album covers * metal bands in high definition among which there are works by artists: Andreas Marschall (Obituary, In Flames, Kreator), Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Dismember, Morbid Angel), Edward J. Repka (Death, Possessed, Megadeth) , John Dyer Baizley (Baroness, Black Tusk, Kylesa), Kris Verwimp (Absu, Marduk, Vintersorg), Kristian "Necrolord" Wåhlin (Dark Funeral, Dissection, Tiamat), Travis Smith (Anathema, Katatonia, Opeth), Wes Benscoter ( Hypocrisy, Incantation, Slayer), and others.

Franzis Graphic Suite 2012, 15GB!

Franciscan Graphic Suite 2012 - At five the packed DVD, you will find more than 300,000 clipart, over 15 000 professional photos and over 1900 publications: people, animals, objects, everyday objects, icons, funny, artistic - now design your letterhead, your business card, your Invitation cards, your Valentines cards the way you have always imagined. With this collection of clipart and fonts to your imagination knows no bounds.

iStockVideo - Walking Man Major Joints Scan HD720 *.mov
Medical Joints Scan HD720
Source codec: HD Photo JPEG | 1280x720 Pixels | Length: 20.00 seconds | 147 MB

Annie Bertram PhotoArt Portfolio 800xJPG

Annie Bertram PhotoArt Portfolio

800 JPG Images | HQ | 285 MB

USA National Parks Ultra High Quality Photos 325xJPGs
USA National Parks - Ultra High Quality Photos
325 UHQ JPG Images | <12000x5500 Pixels | 974 MB
Bryce Canyon National Park [USA, Utah]
Glacier National Park [USA, Montana]
Grand Teton National Park [USA, Wyoming]
Mount Rainier National Park [USA, Washington]
Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon National Park [USA, California]
Yellowstone National Park [USA, Wyoming]
Zion National Park [USA, Utah]

Sabur - 592 Moldings 3D Models Collection

Sabur - 592 Moldings 3D Models Collection [ Materials, light sources available ] RAR 840 MB
  • Sabur 3D Models Collection includes nearly 600 three-dimensional models of molding for 3Ds Max. All files in. Max. This collection presents you ceiling cornices, rosettes, moldings, corner units, wall decor, murals, niches, vents, shelves, brackets, columns, pilasters, arched frames, moldings on the facade.

iStockVideo - Infinite Keyboard, HD1080
mov(H.264) | FullHD 1920x1080p | 15 seconds | 34 MB

Glen Vilppu - Language of Drawing Series (Vol.1-17) Full!
Glen Vilppu - Language of Drawing Series (Vol.1-17) Full!
Quality : DVDRip 
Format : AVI 
Video Codec : XviD 
Video : 656 x 496 (41:31), 29.970 Hz, 688 x 512 (43:32) 29.970 Hz 
Audio : 0x0055 (ISO MPEG-1 Layer3), 48000 Hz, Stereo, 119 Kbit / sec 
Quality : DVDRip
Format : AVI 
Video Codec : XviD 
Video : 656 x 496 (41:31), 29.970 Hz, 688 x 512 (43:32) 29.970 Hz 
Audio : 0x0055 (ISO MPEG-1 Layer3), 48000 Hz, Stereo, 119 Kbit / sec 
Total Size: 11.6 GB | Seperately Downloadable!

Marilyn Monroe HQ Great Collection! 
34 PhotoSets, 404xJPG | <4400x5500 Pixels | 329 MB

Olga Zavershinskaya aka Armene -Visual Artist
247 JPG Images | ~900x600 Pixels | 42 MB

iStockVideo - Fantastic Landscape Video Background, Moonlight at the Sea/Ocean HD1080
Moon and see at night. Shot in Hel, Poland. HD 1080 Seamless Loop | 274 MB
*.mov | 1920x1080 Pixels | 30 fps | Source Codec: Photo JPEG | 14.36 seconds

Van Gogh, 82 Plates, Chenxiang, True PDF
Van Gogh, 82 Plates, Chenxiang, True PDF
96 Pages, True HQ PDF | 160 MB 

Le Petit Journal - Illustrations From History 40xUHQ Scans
40 RGB JPG Images | ~4100x3100 Pixels | RAR: 166 MB

Aged Paper Texture Collection 181xJPGs

181 HQ JPG Textures | <7328x5184 Pixels | 472 MB

IMSI MasterClips 150,000 Classic Art Images [Engravings]

IMSI MasterClips 150,000 Classic Art Images
[The Biggest Collection of Engravings, MUST HAVE!]
150.000 TIFF Bitmap Images | Rich Categories | 2.6 GB

The Birds of America - John James Audubon, UHQ Scans

The Birds of America - John James Audubon [Year 1827-1838]
 435 Scanned Pages | Optimized JPGs | 6658x9581 Pixels | 3.43 GB


  • Birds of America - an album with pictures of birds in North America, a life-size, made ??the American naturalist John J. Audubon. Published parts of Edinburgh and London from 1827 to 1838. The first edition (180-200 copies) acknowledged masterpiece of book production and great rarity. "Birds of America" is the most expensive printed book ever sold at auction. In 1807 Audubon perfected the technique of zoological illustration, using wire and twine learning to give spontaneous poses stuffed birds that served as his models. By 1820, he set out to illustrate all kinds of birds that live in North America. Unable to find financing in the U.S., 40-year-old naturalist has collected available to him in the illustrations, and in 1826 sailed to Britain, where he managed to interest the project several well-known engravers of the time. To increase the number of subscribers of publication, Audubon went to lecture in Paris. As a result, "Birds of America" ??signed by many ladies of high society, including Charles X and Queen Adelaide. Over 9 years of every one to two months, subscribers in tin boxes received 5 new illustrated sheets 99 to 66 cm total of 435 published sheet total cost of 175 guineas. In order to circumvent the law to provide free copies to public libraries, lists were not provided with the text. unique edition was extremely high quality illustrations of coloring which worked about fifty people. Prints half the size of the human growth of the hand painted watercolors, Audubon himself also used pastel and gouache. At a time when the photo just made ??the first steps, detailed engraved illustrations have been claimed by zoologists, so great was not only aesthetic, but also the scientific importance of the publication. Images of different absolute accuracy, to the same six species of birds Audubon sealed by now extinct.

Frans Hals Museum - Haarlem, Netherland
605 HQ JPG Images | Up to 3072x2048 Pixels | 897 MB
Paintings are taken with attached print color scalas and frames
  • Frans Hals Museum - Art Museum in Harlem, known as the Museum of the Golden Age of Dutch painting. The museum was founded in 1862 and originally located in a newly renovated former Cloître in the back of City Hall, known as the Prinsenhof. Basis of the collection was a rich collection of paintings from City Hall that included including more than a dozen paintings by Frans Hals, in whose honor and was named the museum. The museum moved to the present building in 1913 Kolletsiya contemporary art museum located in the branch, located in a former meat and fish trading stalls in the city center.
  • Classic collection of the museum is located in the former poorhouse Haarlem (Netherlandish Oudemannenhuis), founded in 1609. The living quarters were arranged around a courtyard, typical harlemskogo hofe. Each of the thirty tiny houses, almshouses was inhabited by two old men, to have the right to live there they should be at least 60 years old, lonely and are inhabitants of Haarlem. In almshouse, each of them took with his belongings: a bed, chair, potty, three blankets, six good shirts and six nightcap. Doors were locked in the poorhouse eight o'clock in the summer and seven winter. The inhabitants of almshouses were regularly beg, a sculpture of the person for alms cup in hand, can be seen in the lobby of the museum. Hospice operated five regents, pictures with their image of the Frans Hals museum exhibits.
  • In 1810 the building accommodated an orphanage. Conditions of life in an orphanage in the XIX century are well described in the autobiographical short stories by Jacob Loy. In 1913 the building was transferred to the museum. The old part of the museum's collection originated from the time of the Reformation, and consists mainly of paintings on religious themes. In 1648 the painting owned by the Roman Catholic Church were confiscated by the city council. Frans Hals worked as a restorer of the city's first official hired by the city authorities and is working to restore clicked into the possession of the city fabric. Then in the 17 th century to decorate the town hall city council ordered a few paintings on related past Haarlem historical themes - the siege Damiata and the legend of the shield Haarlem. At this time the Town Hall functioned as a semi-official museum.
  • Between 1605 and 1635 years. in Haarlem were created more than 100 thousand paintings. Not all of them survived, most of them are outside of Haarlem in many museums around the world, but this figure gives an idea about the number of the artist creates in the city at that time. Most of the work came to our days largely due to the "Book of the artist" Karel van Mander was published in 1604.